Kerry Wilkie


Ms Kerry Wilkie

I am an ICT Training Officer with the Division of Information and Communication Technology Services at USQ for the past four years, but worked here as a casual employee prior to that since 2005.

My casual work led to a permanent position in the ICT Training Team. Prior to working at USQ, I worked in Education Queensland which gave me the opportunity to plan and deliver ICT courses which is where my passion began and created a desire to study.

There are many parts of my job that I enjoy but I think what I like most is the interaction with employees at USQ through our training courses. When I first started working on campus I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and helpfulness of employees. I’m lucky in that I get to meet everyone who comes through training and work one–on-one with my colleagues and build strong relationships.

Working as a training officer, I have the ability to interact with employees to help increase their skills and knowledge. In turn I am increasing my own knowledge and skills in many ways as I am dealing with the many different cultures, community clients and the many different issues that arise on campus.

I love finding unique solutions to problems, and I am encouraged to do that here. I’m well known as a bit of a Microsoft Word expert on campus, and I feel so privileged that I get to be involved with so many academic outcomes. I have even been formally acknowledged by a USQ lecturer who is having some work published this year.

My study at USQ fits in perfectly with my role, and I am provided with generous study assistance by the University. I’ve recently just finished my Associate Degree in Further Education and Training. The last assignment was the hardest piece of assessment I have ever had to do, but I managed to stick to it.

Having retail facilities, such as Heritage Building Society and Australia Post on campus in Toowoomba, also, makes life so much easier. I also love the Corporate Health Fit and Well Program. We receive a health assessment when we first start, and then get a program tailored for us. I even had my personal trainer come to visit me in my office when I wasn’t able to get to the gym!