Hi. My name is Kym Davis. I’m the Senior Systems Officer, which is a section within the Student Management Division here at USQ. Well, I have a really interesting role here at USQ. I am a Senior Systems Officer and I look after the timetabling for USQ at the three campuses.

I actually wanted to come and work at USQ. I’ve been a student here since 2004 and I started working for USQ in 2007. I actually saw a position on the USQ website. The main reason for wanting to come to USQ was the working conditions, in particular their study assistance scheme and their flexible workplace policies that they have.

Some big highlights for me were being asked to be a guest speaker at the USQ Women’s Network end of year function. Another one was being nominated in the 2010 USQ staff awards. The staff awards are held once a year and there’s quite a few different categories: individuals, groups, projects, also there’s academic awards that go along with these things. And it’s just great to get together. We have a function that all of the staff go to and we get the opportunity to mix in with one another in a social forum and drink wine and cheese and celebrate some of the great work that we’ve done throughout the year. But you get to hear what other people have been doing and the commitment that people have to continuous improvement here at the University.

Another rewarding aspect is having the opportunity to attend things that are strictly outside of my role. I’m part of the staff on study community of practice. I’m also involved in the community of practice for facilitators. I’m also the student representative on the learning and teaching committee.
I think the fact that USQ is willing to look at you as a whole person and give you the opportunity to participate in things makes you grow personally but it links back professionally, because it makes me a better employee. The fact that we have flexible workplace arrangements I actually find I get more done.

Working at the university, career-wise, I guess has really empowered me, so for anyone coming into the university you can come in and there’s a wealth of opportunities here for you.