I’m Sam Parisi. I’m an Events Officer at USQ in the Marketing Services Department.

I think that USQ is really good especially the staff that I work with within the faculties and a lot of the support sections. They’re really good at understanding that we are here to make the event the best that we can so we will work at improving on it.

I got the marketing research job four years ago and from there, I worked there for a year and then I went into the Events Officer role. As an Events Officer I organise a lot of the marketing recruitment events. That involves the information evenings that the marketing team put on for potential students around town. But in particular the open days that are held on all three campuses, Fraser Coast Springfield and Toowoomba.

One part of my job is doing campus tours and it’s really great to talk to the school children who are so excited about their future and showing them around campus. A lot of the students come out from out west. So it’s really good to get them to have a feel of the university

After working on events and putting all that effort into making that event perfect, really, it’s really good hearing feedback from your colleagues and the support that they provide leading up to the event, but also the praise that they give you after it. And it’s not necessarily just from your supervisor or your manager – it’s from staff that you have worked with to make this event a success and they’re praising you on the work that you have done and it really makes working here worthwhile.

I love the Professional Development at USQ. There are so many opportunities, especially related to my role as an Events Officer. I’ve done a number of courses, some include Negotiation Skills, Conflict Resolution, which are so, they’re so related to my role that it’s really important for me to have the opportunity to be able to learn some of those skills and apply them to my job.

USQ is really flexible. They make sure that all the time that I work in my personal time; I am able to take off during the working week and rest, relax, recover and get ready for my next event.

It is really special working at USQ. When I go for a coffee for example I get to say hello to at least five people on my way to the refectory because I have gotten to know these people not just on a work basis, but because we have to work with them so often it has become more personal. So it’s really touching to be able to say “hey, how are you going” just as you are walking past and it’s just going to get a coffee. I really enjoy the fact that I know a lot of people from this campus.