Hello, I’m Steven Goh. I’m a Mechanical Engineer Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying at the University of Southern Queensland. We are almost like a small family in some way among the team at the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying.

There seems to be willingness to pioneer innovation and I want to be part of that group. Things are always improving; things are always changing and I want to be better and better.

Every student that I interact with, I have an input into. I’m investing in the future direction of not only several hundred but several thousand young people of this nation.

I guess the flexibility does... that gives you and grants you that ability to focus on what you really can excel on and what you really want to achieve not just in teaching research or community services, but there’s things to be done in this world I think and I think you’ve only got one life to achieve it.

I just came back from a trek in Nepal and saw some of the conditions in that country and i thought hang on there got to be more engineers out there solving the world’s problems. Not just the technical problems but social, economic as well as environmental problems.

There’s a lot of opportunities to get recognised, even as an early career academic. I was the USQ Senior Fellow in 2010 and this is only after 3 years of working here.

It’s such a great university in terms of recognising people’s work. You know, it’s a fun place to work in and there’s definitely not only a community feel, but the people around this place actually makes working here fun!