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Tamara Hayward

Tamara HaywardI am currently working as an HR Officer (Client Services). After spending a year and a half in the UK, where I worked in recruitment, I returned to Australia in 2009 and gained a 6 month fixed-term contract at USQ working on an internal project.. When a position in Human Resources became vacant I thought it would be perfect for me, given my previous experience and interest in recruitment. The advertisement called for someone with a Degree in Business but I didn’t let that put me off applying as I felt that my previous experience might stand for me and I was lucky enough to secure the position.

One of the highlights of working at USQ has been receiving feedback from my clients (USQ employees) that I have been doing a great job. I love that people here actually take the time out to give positive feedback. In my current role, I have been able to build relationships with my clients from the very beginning of their careers.

The opportunity to break outside of the normal working day and work on projects provides me with the opportunity to develop and expand my skill set. The lifestyle that working at USQ provides, such as through flexible working arrangements and the quality of life in Toowoomba, has also been a great benefit of working here.

In Human Resources one of our main goals is to create a great place to work, and I really appreciate being part of that at USQ.