Academic Writing

This section is concerned with academic writing, which is a specific type of writing with its own rules and conventions. Unlike informal letters, notes and personal journals, academic writing is not modelled on everyday speech, but has a particular language style. Academics write in full grammatical sentences and express ideas in a concise and clear way. They concentrate on relating concepts or main ideas to each other rather than describing things in particular detail.

One of the most important aspects of successful written assignments at university is analysing questions, or the ability to understand what the assignment question asks you to do. This applies to all assessment tasks, but particularly to academic writing tasks such as essay writing and report writing. Each of these writing tasks follows particular rules, but paragraph structure is important to all of them, as clearly structured paragraphs can help you develop clear arguments and descriptions.

Another important aspect of academic writing is critical analysis. The usual way to satisfy the requirement of critical thinking is to look at what different academics have said about an issue and then decide who you agree with. Because you discuss other people's ideas and arguments, you need to indicate where you got those ideas from, which is why a good understanding of referencing and plagiarism is very important to academic writing.