Practical Exams

Format of Exam

Practical or clinical exams can take many different forms depending on the subject material. They can be

  • individual performance of a task e.g. a clinical examination or musical performance;
  • common examination in which a single task is performed by each individual eg a dissection or a chemical analysis; or 
  • common examination in which a number of tasks or questions would be completed by each individual .  In some instances there are time limits for each question.

It is crucial that you get specific information from your course lecturer on the format of the exam.

Preparing for the Practical Exam

  • All exams require preparation but the practical exam requires preparation from day 1.
  • In scientifically based practical exams it is important to keep detailed notes, diagrams and descriptions of the content examined.  You cannot rely on your memory or on descriptions provided by fellow students.
  • Ask your lecturer if they will provide a practice practical exam in which you can view material or practice techniques.
  • Rehearsal and practice are important in all types of practical exams.