Oral Presentations

Public speaking skills are highly prized in the employment market and are well worth taking time to develop. Oral presentations can have a greater impact than written presentations and require a wide range of skills, not only the skills required to stand up and deliver a talk, but also:

  • skills in research 
  • the ability to organise ideas and construct logical arguments 
  • the ability to develop handouts and aids 
  • the ability to field impromptu questions from the audience 

You may also be required to write an accompanying paper.

The key areas that should be focussed on when you are required to deliver an oral presentation include:

Forms of Oral Presentation

In the university context, oral presentations can take various forms. These include:

  • giving a public talk in the form of a lecture or seminar presentation 
  • delivering a presentation on the outcomes of a class exercise or on an assigned reading 
  • actively participating in a tutorial, discussion group or residential school

Oral presentation may be submitted for assessment using audiotape, videotape or by electronic communication means. They may also be accompanied by a written component.

Oral Presentations for External Students

External students are often required to submit oral presentations on audiotape, videotape or by electronic communication means. When approaching this task, as much as possible attempt to:

  • simulate a face-to-face presentation 
  • take every step possible to maximise the reproduction quality of the presentation 
  • keep within the time limits specified
  • play back a recorded oral presentation and if dissatisfied either with the delivery or the sound quality then the presentation should be re-recorded
  • keep a copy of the recording prior to dispatch