Academic Help

Ask USQ is a web self-serve facility with answers to frequently asked questions and is an easy way to ask question or submit a request.

1. Your personal support network

No matter your age, background or experience, we all need assistance when taking on a new role in life.  Studying at university is such a new role.  Friends, family, house mates or work colleagues can all make up part of your personal support group, as people with whom to share the ups and downs of studying. Support may come from old friends or new ones just established. USQ offers many opportunities to make such contacts through:


2. USQ's support network

There is a wide range of USQ services to support students to assist in the transition to university.

How to get academic help

All students will have things they don't understand when studying and will need to ask for assistance. 

  • Go to your Course Lecture or Tutor if  - your questions are about course materials or assessments. This would be your first point of call in most instances. If you don't know who this is use Ask USQ
  • Go to The Learning Centre if - your questions are about pre-requisite skills, how to write an essay etc. Staff from The Learning Centre can be contacted at
  • Go to The Library if you questions are about finding and using resources and information.

When to ask course lecturers for assistance

On-campus students    

  • Before or after a lecture, tutorial or practical session etc.
  • During a tutorial or practical session etc, as appropriate
  • See the lecturer/tutor during their consultation times. Most academic staff allocate specific time periods when they are available to talk with students. Make sure you know when these are and the location of the staff member's office

Off-campus and online students

  • Contact details for course lecturers are included in most course materials
  • Make an appointment with your lecturer and tutor during Residential School if appropriate
  • Use the course discussion group where you can ask the lecturer or fellow students questions

What to ask course lecturers

You can ask academic staff any questions, however, if it is out of their area of expertise they may refer you to another USQ service provider, such as Students Services or LTSU. The lecturer/tutor is the first person you should consult to confirm the details of assignment requirements and expectations, examination requirements and expectations, and accessing reference material.

It is always a good idea to be prepared when asking a question. For example:

  • plan your questions ahead of time
  • write them out so you don't forget them
  • have any accompanying material with you eg lecture notes or study books 
  • ask specific rather than very general questions such as I don't understand any of this course! (Although if you really don't, then that is what you have to ask)

If you are having major difficulties across a number of courses and are not sure what to do, then contact Student Services.