Semester planning

Actions to Take

1. Find the Course Specification for each course you are enrolled in this semester.  Ask yourself:

  • What are the course objectives?
    Each course you are enrolled in has a defined set of objectives.  This is what you will be assessed on in your assignments and other activities. 
  • What are the assessments for this course?
    Check under assessments in the course specification.  Don't forget to make a copy of each assessment before you submit it.
  • When are the assessments due?  
    Dates indicated are the dates when assessments are handed in or mailed.  Evidence of mailing is usually required.

2. Obtain a calendar for the semester and include the assessment dates for all your courses in the calendar. 

Draft study schedules are often provided in lectures or in online and distance education materials.

3. What other important events are happening while you are studying?

We all lead busy lives. Think about any other important events that are happening during your study that you might have to plan around e.g. practical work in other courses, planned surgery, sporting commitments, birth of a baby, work commitments, etc.  Note holidays don't really fit into this category.  If events are so intrusive that you cannot plan around them then you should consider withdrawing from the course.  Discuss this with your lecturer (Examiner).  Students can withdraw from the course within the first few weeks of enrolment without academic or HECS penalty. Student Services provides support for students with personal difficulties.

4. Put all of the above information together into a Semester Timetable*.

My Planner

Use the new My Planner feature to build an enrolment plan for your whole program. Once you have set up your study plan in My Planner, it will help streamline the process when you enrol each year. You can find more information about this on the Student Centre page.

*This file is in Portable Document Format (PDF) which requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be obtained from Adobe. Users who are unable to access information in PDF should contact Jill Young, telephone +61 7 4631 1676 to obtain this information in an alternative format.