Tutorials are the place to discuss concepts, lectures and readings, and where you will develop your understanding of the course material. Tutorials are the place ask questions about what is required from you in assignments, and your first port of call if you have any questions related to the course. In addition, your tutors will be able to guide you to other types of assistance available across the university.

In most cases tutorials are a forum for discussion (which makes them different from school classrooms). Through these discussions, you will develop a more in-depth understanding of the course material. Ask questions and participate, but you don't have to talk if you don't want to: in most cases you're not assessed on ‘performance' in tutorials (University of Melbourne).

To get the most out of tutorials, it is important to come prepared. The best way to prepare is to do the required readings, attend the lectures and take notes. Write down any questions you may have and bring them along to tutorials.