Maths Anxiety

 Maths anxiety is very common among commencing university students. 

Quick tips for dealing with maths anxiety include:

  • Reflect on why you feel anxious
  • Look back on your successes so far
  • Think positive and practice positive self talk e.g. 'I know I can do this'
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Talk with fellow students about how you feel
  • Talk with your tutor.

Students can also talk with the maths staff in The Learning Centre or with  Student Services who have many strategies to help you cope with the stress of studying.

Thinking about Studying Mathematics

Everybody you talk with has a different view about mathematics. Some people like it and some don't. Some people feel they use it all the time and some that they have never touched it since they left school. In fact, we use maths every day, if not at work then when we shop, cook, refuel the car or work on our hobbies. Mathematics might mean different things to different people – but it is part of all of our lives.

Each of us has our own feelings about starting to learn mathematics again. Perhaps some of the following remarks mirror your experiences or how you feel about maths right now: read through them, being sure to read to the happy ending.

  • Maths brings to people like myself a wild look to the eye, a dry mouth and low self esteem.
  • Studying maths again was a frightening prospect, especially when I first saw some of the problems. My first reaction was ‘Oh my goodness ! What have I done?' 
  • I have always been interested and able to do mathematics but never before had the opportunity. 
  • I was a school dropout who spent more time having a good time than concentrating at school.
  • I always loved maths and was good at it but had to leave school when I was fifteen - I am more keen than ever to get back to it.
  • I last went to school 30 years ago, I am wondering what I am doing here.


    What he or she was doing was learning: all of the above students progressed successfully through their university studies, helped by expert and understanding advice that encouraged individual skills, knowledge development and confidence through small stages and small successes.

    Contact  The Learning Centre staff if you want to talk about your mathematics anxiety.