Graphing and functions

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Module A5-Representing relationships (PDF*721kb)

This document includes:

  • Writing relationships in words
  • Writing relationships as formulas
  • Representing relationships as graphs and
  • Describing relationships

A more detailed list of topics is also available: representing relationships - contents.

Module A8-GeneralizingNumbersGraphs (PDF*590kb) 

This document includes:

  • Gradients of line graphs (including finding the gradient of a given line, and drawing a line given the gradient)
  • Linear equations (including special lines, and what if two lines cross)
  • Introduction to curve
  • Parabolic equations (including the axis of symmetry)
  • Exponential equations (including a special number)
  • When two graphs meet

A more detailed list of topics is also available: generalising numbers graphs - contents.

Module B4-Relations and functions  (PDF*1.6mb)

This document includes:

  • What are relations and functions (including domain and range of relations and functions and function notation)
  • The linear function (including rate of change of a linear function, the inverse – undoing a function and when two linear functions meet)
  • The quadratic function (including sketching parabolas and rate of change of a quadratic function)
  • Other functions

A more detailed list of topics is also available: relations and functions – contents.

Module C3-Relations and functions   (PDF*935kb)

This document includes:

  • What are functions
  • Function toolbox (including functional notation, zero conditions of a function, average rate of change of a function, continuity and the inverse of a function)
  • Families of functions (including polynomial functions (which include the constant function, the linear function, the quadratic function, and other polynomial functions), exponential and logarithmic functions, rational functions and functions over an integral domain (including arithmetic and geometric sequences))

A more detailed list of topics is also available: relations and functions - contents.

Module D2-Algebra, functions and geometry  (PDF*1.26mb)

This document includes:

  • Inequalities and the real number line (including operations on inequalities, and linear inequalities of two variables)
  • Quadratic Equations and Completing the Square 
  • Functions (including polynomials, rational functions, other important non-linear functions, solving simultaneous equations algebraically and graphically inverse Functions and continuity)

 A more detailed list of topics is also available: algebra, functions and geometry - contents.

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Graphing a straight line

Useful software tools

Simple graph sketching software - Graphmatica