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Module A4-Comparing numbers (part of module only) (PDF*643kb)

This document includes:

  • Comparing quantities of subtraction
  • Comparing quantities by division (including percentages)
  • Ratios (including ratios in squares, rectangles, circles & triangles)
  • Rates

A more detailed list of topics is also available: Comparing numbers - contents

Module B8-Trigonometry (PDF*1.18mb)

This document includes:

  • Sine (including the sine ratio, the sine function, the inverse of the sine function, degrees, minutes and seconds, amplitude and period)
  • Cosine (including the cosine ratio, the cosine function, the inverse of the cosine function, amplitude and period)
  • Tangent (including the tangent ratio, the tangent function, the inverse of the tangent function, amplitude and period)
  • Putting it all together (including Pythagoras’ identity)

A more detailed list of topics is also available: Trigonometry - contents

Module C4-Trigonometric functions (PDF*1.1.mb)

This document includes:

  • Radian measure (including what are radians, converting from degrees to radians, converting from radians to degrees, using radians measure in real world applications)
  • Graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent functions
  • Modelling using trigonometric functions (including amplitude, vertical shift, the period of trigonometric functions, the phase of trigonometric functions)
  • Inverse functions
  • Solving trigonometric equations

A more detailed list of topics is also available: Trigonometric functions – contents

Module D4-Trigonometry (PDF*645kb)

This document includes:

  • Radian Measure
  • Polar Co-Ordinates
  • Trigonometric Identities and Multiple Angle Formulae
  • Solving Trigonometric Equation
  • Periodicity
  • Amplitude
  • Triangle Solution
  • Compound Angles
  • Solving Equations Involving Trigonometric Functions

A more detailed list of topics is also available: D4 Trigonometry - contents

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SOS Mathematics (trigonometry) - short explanations and examples

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