Reading and Research

Reading at university involves specific skills and a number of different steps, but the ability to read efficiently can make your university experience both rewarding and successful.

The first step is finding relevant resources for your particular discipline area and topics. The primary place to find these resources is in the university library, but there are others such as the world wide web for example. Selecting resources from the library will provide you with relevant resources, and the next step is determining academic credibility, or in other words judging which resources are most valuable and credible in your particular discipline area.

The next step after you have selected appropriate resources is making notes and summarising. When you do a lot of reading it is impossible to remember everything you read, so making notes and summarising arguments will help you when you begin to develop your own arguments or when you are asked to summarise other people's arguments. Critical analysis, or the ability to interpret and critique what you read, is a vital skill in this respect.