I worked in management roles for the last probably 10 years and then decided on a change and decided to come to USQ. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and I am about half way through that – I've got 11 subjects left to do.

Maths was something that I think sometimes we can have un-rational fears about things and maths was one of those. That, because of the holes in my learning in the past, that I automatically assumed it would be very difficult, and so therefore also having three children made it difficult to attend lectures. My youngest child had been quite sick and so I wasn't able to attend lectures and I was just attending tutes and pretty much teaching myself. I found out about the Learning Centre. I tried to nip in maybe twice, sometimes three times per week for 15 minutes sessions. I had done study prior to that and would then try to highlight the area that I just wasn't sure if I was getting the right concepts… and worked through some past exams which was really good.

I know that I'm currently doing Data Analysis and finding it really quite easy and you know, the rumours about Data Analysis can be that it's a very frightening subject and can be quite difficult to pass, but I think getting a good maths background and then entering into Data Analysis has made it really quite easy – a very easy transition actually. 

If you can get into uni, you can succeed and get very good grades if you're prepared to put the hard work in.