Before coming to USQ I worked as an admin officer in the education system in Canada for nearly 20 years and I had studied night courses for several years and had started actually working on a diploma in business and then I applied to and came to the USQ to study a Bachelor of Business.

I attended O week or Orientation week and I learned a number of things during that time, but I was feeling really overwhelmed by being in a new country, in a new place, new systems and the expectations of university study.

I learned about the Learning Centre during Orientation week and I also signed up for some study skills sessions that were offered through the Learning Centre, and attended these on a weekly basis.

I would say that the Learning Centre helped me in a lot of ways. The staff at every level was incredibly friendly and when I needed to come in at a moment's notice, they you know often worked hard to squeeze me in so that I could meet with someone to go over my writing or my reading to make sure that I was on the right track, to give me the skills and the tools that I needed to go away and to get to the next step, and then come back the next week to check it again to make sure that I was on the right track because I really was trying to learn what was required.

Oh find out where the Learning Centre is and take advantage of the skills sessions that are offered and book an appointment and go and get help.