Hello and welcome to The Learning Centre.
If you want to improve your grades, are new to university study or have not studied for a while the Learning Centre is the place for you, no matter where you live.
You can ask a question about the Learning Centre by clicking on this button here.

We have a wide range of activities, workshops and resources to help you develop your academic skills such as assignment writing, effective reading, pre-requisite mathematics just to name a few.

Why not listen to Marcia or Peter's stories on how they used the learning centre.

Let's take a tour of the web site now.

In consultations you can talk with a tutor about academic language or mathematics. You can attend a session by yourself or with a small group either in Toowoomba, Springfield or Fraser Coast Campuses or if you are studying at a distance, by phone, email, or online. All USQ students are welcome. The tutors will be able to assist with a range of things like question analysis, research strategies, reading strategies, assignment writing and structure; in mathematics and prerequisite knowledge or problem solving or using a calculator. The earlier you talk with us the more help we can offer with your learning and assessment work, although we don't proofread assignment for you. Book a session through the online booking system. Look for the book now button.

  • Enter your USQ login and password
  • Click on type of session you require; look for an unbooked time
  • Click register me
  • Enter your details
  • We will then email you your confirmation

We offer a range of workshops on learning skills and mathematics; both on campus and online using live classroom software so that you can attend form the comfort of your own home.  Book online for this as well.

Stand-alone online resources are also available and offer a wealth of topics that you can access at any time as you can see here.  These include

  • Planning your time (see the best way to manage your time)
  • Analysis of an assignment question
  • Assessment questions
  • Maths topics – there is a wide range of these included online

Quick tips are two page handouts which provide answers to the most frequently asked questions say
Planning for an assignment or there is an overview of
Essay structure; this is one of our most frequently asked questions

In Meet-Up you can take advantage of learning from your peers. Sessions are different from tutorials because they are:

  • led by students who have previously done well in the course
  • interactive, informal and fun
  • responsive to your needs as a student
  • designed to encourage discussion and develop understanding of course content
  • concerned with how to learn as well as what to learn
  • supervised by qualified academic staff

These sessions are both on campus and online, so ask your lecturer if there is Meet-Up offered in one of your courses.

If you want to improve your grades and have been studying for more than a semester then perhaps AWARE is for you.  It is an online reflection exercise that helps you focus your efforts on topics that are selected to match your study needs. So go through the questionnaire and see if there is something that can help

So that's the Learning Centre. The learning centre has a lot to offer for both new and continuing students. Spend some time on our web site or drop in and see us on the various campuses. (Toowoomba Learning centre is located on level 3 Library). So come in and see us sometime.