I just needed a change in career and I had an opportunity to go work for Main Roads and they were putting through a cadetship program in engineering so I took that on board and started a civil engineering, an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at USQ.

It has been 9 years since I'd done any schooling or any mathematics skills so it was pretty much very daunting for me.

My first experience was in the first week at uni when we had our induction and they had past students talk about what they actually, how they got through their courses and one of the persons actually was 10 years out of schooling as well. They hadn't done maths for that long, so just listening to him gave me a bit of encouragement. He said the way he get through it was going to the Learning Centre and actually going through that process.

The Learning Centre was pretty much the backbone of me getting through my course. I went pretty much once a week. Once I started getting into the crux of the course I just went there to just get the background like after I'd experienced the lecture, I would actually go there just to reinforce, to simplify and just put it into pretty much layman's terms for me.

If it's been a long time since you've been at schooling and you're struggling a bit with the subjects, it's definitely helped me and I'm sure it would help anyone else who comes in, just to get you over the line and just really simplify things that you're struggling with.