What is Wimba?

The Wimba classroom is an online meeting room in which you can interact with a tutor and fellow students by talking, listening, drawing and writing. You can also use video if you want. Other options are:

  • a shared whiteboard for tutors and students to show PowerPoint, draw diagrams or display images
  • a shared screen to demonstrate computer programs or web sites to each other
  • ability for group members to take turns to edit a single document.

You should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled session time so you can check your system and talk to your fellow students.


The best way to learn what to expect in a Wimba classroom session is to participate in an orientation session.

Wimba classroom orientation sessions are regularly held, and you can book in for these through USQStudyDesk. You will need your USQConnect password and username.

Equipment required

  • Wimba classroom runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.
  • It is best to use a headset microphone (approximate cost AUD20.00 to AUD30.00) although you can listen with only speakers.
  • Wimba will work on a dialup connection but a broadband connection is preferred.
  • You can also connect via phone if your computer does not have audio. After you enter the Wimba classroom click the phone icon to see the phone number and PIN to participate. The organiser of the meeting will also generally send you a phone number and PIN if you need to join the session via a phone only.