Online Workshops

Online workshops  using Wimba run in real time. You do not need to do training to attend one of our workshops: the program will download and install automatically when you click on the link below, and your online session coordinator will explain how to use its functions when the session begins. However, for your first visit it is a good idea to arrive at the room 15 minutes earlier so that you are completely set up before the session begins. It is also good idea to have a headset microphone rather than depending on the one built into your laptop or tablet.

Connectivity - Wimba works best on ADSL broadband. If you are using satellite or 3G, you may have variations in your signal quality. If you have ADSL but are using a home network, it is best to plug the broadband straight into your computer for the duration of the session.

  for Wimba sessions

Please note that some of the workshops are at different times than our usual 6.30-8pm (AEST)