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Please read the following information before filling out the request form:
  • Ensure all mandatory fields are completed before trying to submit your request . If you submit your request without completing all mandatory field you will have to attach all relevant documentation again.
  • Insufficient detail on any of the requested information on this form will result in delays.
  • If your request is to engage a consultant/contractor, please attach a Contractor Questionnaire . No such contracts will be processed by the Legal Office unless this questionnaire accompanies the request.
  • Please ensure you have consulted your Procurement Officer where relevant.
  • When completing details of service please tell us in sufficient detail what you want us to do. Assume we know nothing about your request or its background. Insufficient detail will result in delays.
  • When completing the background information please provide all relevant background information (including previous LEAP number). Summarise what has occurred to date or identify all the issues requiring address and refer to copies of all relevant documentation and discussions that are pertinent to the matter.
If you have any questions on the above information please contact The Legal Office before proceeding with your request.

Please do not include any symbols throughout the form as you will be unable to submit.

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Where the documents are in hardcopy only, please scan the documents and attach them to this request form, then forward the originals with a cover sheet to the Executive Assistant to the University Lawyer (S506) Please advise in your request you are forwarding originals.
Please note that files should be no more than 10MB in size.