Contract management

Purpose of Contract Management

Contract Management is the process whereby contracts are managed back in the Cost Centre or Faculty to ensure that Key Perfomance Indicators and obligations in any contract are met to the satisfaction of all contracted parties and funding bodies. 


If your contract has been sent to the Legal Office for processing, a copy will be sent to you once it has been fully signed.  This is your copy.  A copy will also be kept in the Contracts Register. 

Each Faculty and Cost Centre is responsible for managing their contracts.

Currently the record keeping for all contracts at USQ will be managed by the Office of Research and Higher Degrees and the Legal Office.  Each contract record should contain a consistent set of data, including:

  • contract parties
  • responsible officer
  • date signed
  • date or renewal, resubmission or roll-over
  • key milestones
  • links to payment schedules
  • links to obligations under contract milestones

It is recommended that the following documentation should be maintained in the Faculty or Cost Centre:

  • the original submissions / procurement plan / business case or documents relating to the development phase of a contract or MOU
  • the signed contract of MOU including terms, conditions, intellectual property rights, letters of intent or acceptance
  • the agreed variations or ammendments
  • performance review outcomes
  • related correspondence

You will receive an email alert in advance of actions that you are required to take to meet key performance indicators and milestones.  Absence of an email does not relieve you of responsibility for meeting contractual obligations.  This is a tool to assist you and to enable USQ to meet compliance requirements. It will be your responsibility to notify the Legal Office when these obligations have been completed. 

Compliance with contract management is audited annually and will be part of your performance review.