Signing delegations

All USQ contracts must be signed in accordance with the procedures of (PDF 122KB)Financial Delegation Section 3 . 

If your contract falls within the following categories it may be signed as follows without first submitting it to the Legal Office:

  1. Study Abroad Agreements (Executive Director, USQ International)
  2. Student Exchange Agreements (Executive Director, USQ International)
  3. Study Tour Agreements (Dean, Faculty of Arts and PVC (Social Justice))
  4. Agent Agreements (Executive Director, USQ International)

For contracts originating at the Springfield or Fraser Coast campuses please note that as per (PDF 122KB)Financial Delegation Section 3  the Director, Springfield or Provost, Fraser Coast have authority to sign contracts to a maximum value of $15,000 (provided the terms of the contract do not exceed 12 months).

If you are using any of the above templates without changes, you can proceed with local Authorization and Signing.

Where any changes have been requested to the standard terms as provided in the templates then the Agreement must be referred to the Legal Office prior to signing by the financial delegate.

Referring Contracts to the Legal Office.

Unless your contract falls within the above categories it must go to the Legal Office for review and recommendation for signing.  Once you have completed your Risk Assessment and obtained Unit approval you can submit your request directly to the Legal Office in any of the following ways:

When submitting your request to the Legal Office you must attach all relevant documentation which must include the completed Risk Assessment. 

Contract Management

Once your contract is completed and signed, the data will be entered into the Contract Management Database.  You will be notified by the Legal Office of your obligations and milestones for ongoing Contract Management.