What is a Proposal?

A proposal is the first step in establishing a contractual relationship.  Contracts articulate the business relationships that USQ undertakes with parties.  Before you start any contract process you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a Contract?

To check if your proposed transaction requires a contract you will need to work through the Contract Checklist

  • Do you need to comply with the Procurement Policy?

USQ complies with state government purchasing policies and it is therefore mandatory that procurement procedures be followed in circumstances where the Procurement Policy applies. To check if you need to comply with the Procurement Policy, go to

In certain cases the Procurement Policy may be waived. If you think your transaction will require a waiver of the Procurement Policy call Ext 2159 or the Legal Office.

If you are involved in negotiating contracts of significance to USQ you should use the Contract Negotiation Procedures. The Legal Office can assist in contract negotiations if required in accordance with these procedures. 

Once you have established that you require a contract go to Evaluation and Risk Assessment.