Unit costing approval

Your proposal will need to be approved by your Unit in accordance with your Unit's internal procedures.  It is your responsibility to ascertain these procedures and apply for approval.

For certain proposals you will be required to develop a Business Case as part of the approval process. 

When will a Business Case be required?

Business Cases are used:

  • To assist in decision making processes including risk management and legal issues and
  • To obtain management approval for investment in certain business activities through the provision of a sound rationale for the investment.

Based on the nature, size and impact of a project, the requirement for a Business Case, will vary. Under all of the following circumstances, however, the preparation of a Business Case is mandatory unless waived by the Vice-Chancellor:

  • Significant commitment of USQ resources or personnel
  • USQ entry into a joint venture relationship (either incorporated or unincorporated)
  • USQ taking a shareholding interest in a company
  • Entering into an educational or support partnership, sponsorship or financial guarantees

If you need to prepare a Business Case, go to Business Case.

Once approval has been obtained and, if applicable, your Business Case approved, go to Signing Delegations.