A contract is a document requiring signature and relates to the rights, duties, and responsibilites of at least two parties in a commercial transaction. 

  • Type of contracts
  • Procedures 
  • Who signs a contract on behalf of the University?
  • Who do I direct any enquiries to?

Types of contracts

  • Consultancy Agreements
    A Standard Consultancy Agreement is used when engaging an external party to undertake services on behalf of the University.  A consultancy agreement must be completed and executed prior to the commencement of the services.  The Standard Consultancy Agreement can be obtained from the Legal Office website.
  • Confidentiality Deeds
    Confidentiality Deeds are prepared by the Legal Office and are to be formalised under the official seal of the University and counter signed by the Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Leasing Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Hiring Agreements
  • Agreements from external suppliers
  • Student Participation Deed
    A Student Participation Deed as outlined in Section 7.9.2 of the USQ Policy Library, is an agreement between the University and a student who is conducting research for a project as part of the student's studies and where intellectual property may be generated.

All contracts must be forwarded with a request form to the University Lawyer prior to signature.  Agreements prepared by an external party and agreements prepared by the Legal Office will be forwarded to the appropriate signatory by the Legal Office. 

Who signs a contract on behalf of the University?
Under the Financial Management Practice Manual contracts must be signed by only the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor or by specific written delegation by the Vice Chancellor.

All enquiries should be directed to: 
David Cosgrave at the Legal Office

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