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Welcome to USQ Motorsportís 2008 Formula-SAE campaign.

In 2007 we improved our result from our earlier campaigns and are looking at an even bigger and better entry in 2008. A big thank you goes out to all our sponsors and supporters, for without them, we would not have achieved what we did.

Our aim this year is to evolve the design of the 2007 car with emphasis on improving the steering and front suspension arrangement. Some change will also be made in the cockpit layout to comply with new FSAE rules on driver access and egress.

Major improvements this year include:

Lighter and smaller chassis than last year
All new aerodynamic bodywork
Side pods
Upgraded cooling system

Our R&D team is working on the following for future years:

Custom built lockable differential
Onboard track positioning and logging system

Recruitment of new team members has commenced and in particular we are looking for:

Mechanical design engineers;
Electrical/control system engineers;
Workshop supporters;
Highly skilled and motivated team members; and


What's New

Repairs of the drive train of the '07 car are progressing well, and we will soon be ready for driver training, and for track testing of the new engine and cooling systems.

Team presentation to the Toowoomba Local Group of Engineers Australia.

The team workshop area has now moved to the basement of S-block adjacent to our engine dynamometer and other test facilities. This new workshop is better suited to the teams design and construct activities and we appreciate the strong support provided by the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying.



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