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Team Profile
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Team Leaders

Scott Coombes
Team Leader
Chris Snook
Faculty Advisor

Sub-System Leaders

Scott Coombes
Technical Director
Luke Boulus
Business Manager
Ben Nielsen
Steering and Suspension
Will Smith
Bodywork and Aero
Dan Sherwin
Engine Development

Team Members

Bruce Llewelyn
R&D Team
Scott Corsan
Business Team
Tyson Cooney
Manufacturing Team
Jared Armstead
Chassis Team
Barry Freeman
Suspension Team

Other Team Members

  • Brett Best
  • Ben Gosper
  • Richard Gurney
  • Nick Haylor

Support Staff


Chris Galligan
Workshop Manager
Brian Aston
Mechanical Workshop
Dean Beliveau
Sumwun Shud
Cleans up after everyone

Academic Staff


Selvan Pather
Design Advice
Sponsorship Support
Peter Penfold
Design Advice
Manufacturing Advice
Doug Baddeley
Materials Engineering
David Ross
Sponsorship Advice

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