Students to lead the way for education in PNG

01 November 2012
Angela Gizoria (left) and Joanita Tiling (Vairop) will take the skills they’ve learnt at USQ back to PNG.
Two teachers from Papua New Guinea are ready to change the way education is taught and utilised in their home country when they finish their studies at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

Angela Gizoria and Joanita Tiling (Vairop) are both third year education students at USQ and will take what they’ve learnt in Toowoomba back to PNG.

“My time in Australia has been a real eye-opener,” Ms Tiling said.

“I’ve learnt that being a good teacher also means being a good leader, both to your students and to other teachers.

“It’s been very inspiring and I’ve learnt a lot.

“Change moves a bit slower in PNG so it will be up to me to try to redirect our focus and hopefully get everyone else on board to improve the way we do things in our schools.

“PNG is also starting to really see the importance of early childhood education which is an area I’ve been focusing on and would like to improve.”

Mrs Gizoria said education was quite conservative back in PNG but she hoped to inspire others to become leaders.

“The usual view of a leader is someone who is at the top and running things but to lead you also need to be prepared to follow,” she said.

“Education isn’t a one man thing, it’s a collaboration with everyone involved.

“It might be tricky to introduce new concepts as PNG tends to be a bit conservative and less accepting of new ideas but I’m sure if I persist I’ll be able to see some positive change.”

Both ladies said they’ve very much enjoyed their time in Toowoomba and while they’re excited to bring what they’ve learnt back to their home country, they’re going to miss their time in the Garden City.

“USQ was very affordable and away from Brisbane,” Mrs Gizoria said.

“I don’t like the big cities, I get lost there.

“I’m very happy with how I’ve gone in the last four years and I don’t regret my decision to move and study here at all.”

“I knew another PNG student who graduated with masters from USQ and she spoke highly of it,” Ms Tiling said.

“Believe it or not, Mrs Gizoria and I actually met each other at a teachers’ meeting 20 years ago and would have no idea we’d end up studying in Australia together.”

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