USQ film students entertain Springfield

03 December 2012
Killer bears from FUSQFEST's Paws of Furry.
Nerves changed quickly to smiles as USQ Bachelor of Applied Media (BAM) students showcased their short films to a 130-strong audience at the Films of USQ Festival (FUSQFEST 2012) at Orion Shopping Centre recently (23 November).

Sitting in deck chairs under the stars, audiences were treated to a range of short comedy/horror, action and drama films that hit their mark and left everyone entertained.

Two popular films on the night were the comedy/horror films, Paws of Furry and Pinky Swear.

Paws of Furry follows a man called Bruce who wakes to find himself stalked by a number of furry teddy bears who are trying to kill him. Unfortunately for Bruce the bears are successful in their endeavour.

Writer/Director Ross Weedon said he was inspired by the popular Toy Story franchise.

“I’ve loved the idea of toys coming to life ever since Toy Story came out on the big screen,’ Ross said.

‘Having a few toys myself and a bit of a twisted mind, I thought it would be unexpected and funny if toys, being soft and cuddly also killed people.

‘I was really nervous before the film played, but the relief was overwhelming when people laughed and enjoyed the film.’

Pinky Swear chronicles two childhood friends who make a pact to always have fun together - a pact that binds them even after one of them dies.

Producer Kelly Campbell said the duo have a series of hilarious mishaps as they go on a quest to find out why.

‘Producing the film was time consuming and it really tested my organisation and communication skills,’ Kelly said.

‘There was no time for hesitation. When I was presented with decisions I just had to bite the bullet and pray I’d made the right one.’

The festival, now in its 12th year partnered with Orion Springfield for the first time this year to reach a wider audience.

Faculty of Arts Associate Director Dr Daryl Sparkes said by accessing a larger audience the students had a better opportunity to see how their works were received.

‘It was a wonderful night and the audience response was fantastic.

‘It was great to see some younger people watching who may be considering studying film in the future.’
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