Thai visitors learn from USQ colleagues

USQ's Open Access College in Toowoomba recently hosted a delegation from Thailand
A delegation of education experts from Thailand have travelled to the University of Southern Queensland for a series of workshops that benefited not only the Thai visitors, but also their Australian colleagues.

Nine PhD students and three lecturers from the Nakhon Sithammarat Rajabhat University in southern Thailand travelled to USQ for the two week program hosted by the Open Access College.

The students (who are all also teachers) and their lecturers participated in a series of lectures, seminars and library classes. At the end of the program they also delivered a series of presentations on their own research into different fields of education.

The visitors were impressed by the program devised for them and their leader, Assistant Professor Veeravan Jongjit Sirijirakal, has told organisers that she would like to bring a further group of students to USQ next year.

Organiser Dr Marcus Harmes said the visitors were delighted to have the chance to work with him and USQ librarian Vivienne Armati.

“The students commented that they learnt a lot about research methodologies and were pleased to have a chance to work with English language sources, as these are very hard to obtain in Thailand,” Dr Harmes said.

While at USQ, the Thai visitors heard from leading researchers in the Faculty of Education, including Dr Ann Dashwood and Dr Warren Midgeley.

They were also able to meet PhD students working in the Faculty of Education and were interested to compare experiences of the Australian and Thai ways of conducting postgraduate research.

The visitors also visited the Glennie School and the Toowoomba Preparatory School and appreciated the chance to ask questions of staff and students at both relating to the education system in Queensland.
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