New radio program tunes into disability issues


A new radio program hosted by Queenslanders with a physical disability will shed a new light on the challenges faced by people with special needs.

The specialised radio program was launched at USQ Springfield on 5 June, 2008 by its new presenters, Nikki Portland, Suzanne McGreevy and Mary Albury, who all have cerebral palsy.

Issues such as employment opportunities for people with a disability, the services available to people with a disability and communicating through the stigma of a disability will be all up for discussion.

The program will be broadcast via Springfield's USQ radio station Phoenix Radio.

USQ lecturer Ashley Jones initiated the community project to give people with disabilities a voice, working in conjunction with the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland's Springfield Day and Community Access Service.

'Living with a physical disability throws up a multitude of unique challenges for thousands of Queenslanders,' said Mr Pedro Guillen-Cordon, Manager of Springfield Day and Community Access Service.

'This new radio program gives a voice and an ear to those facing and overcoming these challenges on a daily basis.

'It also highlights that people with a disability have a wide range of useful skills and abilities to offer the community.

'We applaud USQ for this great community initiative that will also promote a greater appreciation of people with special needs,' he said.

USQ Lecturer Ashley Jones said USQ is delighted to partner with the Cerebral Palsy League to provide a much needed resource for all disabilities to support the Ipswich community.

'The uniqueness of a community station is that it provides opportunities for programs such as this, that would not likely occur in more a more traditional radio setting,' said Mr Jones.

The program will run weekly on a Friday at 1pm and can be accessed via USQ's fully digital radio station at


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