Information for Staff

Information as well as links to a range of resources are provided to assist your understanding of, and responses to, some of the issues relating to academic honesty and plagiarism.
Specifically the purpose of the information is:

  • to assist academic staff to create an environment which dissuades students from practicing plagiarism
  • to provide academic staff with clear guidelines and procedures for dealing with plagiarism
  • to apprise academic staff of their obligations with respect to dealing with plagiarism.

Forms of plagiarism

Information about the many forms of plagiarism.

Causes of plagiarism

Details about the key reasons that cause students to plagiarise.

Minimising plagiarism

Staff can employ a range of strategies to minimise plagiarism.

University Regulations

Information about the Academic Regulations relating to academic misconduct.

Plagiarism detection

Advice for staff about traditional and electronic methods of detecting plagiarism.

Disciplinary process

The disciplinary process to take when you suspect plagiarism in a student's work.


LTSU's professional development program offers a number of workshops that are relevant to minimising plagiarism. In addition, the tailored professional development program is available by request to Departments and Schools and is tailored to meet the needs of individual disciplines.


A number of strategies can be used to develop students' knowledge and understanding of the referencing process.

One strategy involves use of Turnitin. Turnitin is a software program that students can use to identify similarities between their work and a database. The university has provided all academic staff with access to this program so that they can make it available to students in their courses.

Turnitin is part of a wider suite of electronic submission tools that includes EASE and Moodle Assignment Submission

Information flyers

Audio-visual resources

Other resources

Faculties, LTSU and the Library provide resources which may be useful to both staff and students.

A useful resource for staff has also been developed by the Australian Universities Teaching Committee.


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