Time Management

The ability of students to be able to plan and manage their time is a key competency for success at university. However, the conflicting pressures on students may lead them to plagiarise when assignment deadlines approach. The intent to deceive is of course present in this case, but understanding the reason may assist staff to integrate preventative measures into their courses.

Reasons for plagiarism in this category may include:

  • lack of time management and planning skills
  • financial pressures that force students to participate in paid work. This is an increasing pressure on both on campus and distance education students
  • lack of students' knowledge about University procedures, for example the fact that they can apply for an extension under certain circumstances
  • lack of students' knowledge about University support services such as Student Services and LTSU
  • students unwillingness, often culturally based, to approach University staff when faced with a problem. Many are more likely to approach friends, which can lead to acts of cheating being committed.