Minimising Plagiarism

Whether plagiarism is intended or inadvertent, there are a number of strategies that can be employed to minimise its occurrence. The AUTC details 36 ways to minimise plagiarism.

It is fundamental that students are aware of what plagiarism is, its penalties, and consequences. This is particularly relevant for commencing students. Some methods of introducing the concept of plagiarism include:

  • Discussing the problem of plagiarism, the problem of Internet plagiarism, with your on-campus students in lectures and tutorials and with external students via online discussion groups, course home pages and course introductory books 
  • Introducing activities or assignments that require students to reflect on the issue of plagiarism 
  • Make students explicitly aware of your vigilance towards plagiarism and the consequences if plagiarism is detected.

Other strategies that specifically address the known causes of plagiarism include:


Specialist staff from LTSU or the Library are able to assist staff in the development of reading, writing, research and referencing skills. They are able to attend lectures or tutorials, or assist in the development of materials or assessment tasks.