Referencing and Research Skills

Plagiarism will be minimised if students correctly reference the material they use to construct their work. One way to assist students to avoid plagiarism is to ensure that they know how to accurately reference the resources they use to create their work. You also need to consider how you will develop the students' abilities to develop their research skills so that they have access to a wide range of resources.

Advise your students which referencing style you require them to use

As there are different referencing styles, students need to know which referencing styles and methods you require them to use. You can communicate the acceptable referencing style in the course specifications, in the course ‘Introductory Booklet' or on your Faculty's home page.

Direct your students to the required referencing guide

The Library publishes up-to-date guides to the most commonly used referencing styles and methods. One of the easiest ways to direct your students to the style you require them to use is to provide a link to the Library's Referencing Guides.

Assist students to learn to use the required referencing style

Some students may need assistance in interpreting the style guide in relation to the particular resources they are using. Although the Library publishes the referencing guides, it is not appropriate for Library staff to assist individual students to interpret the styles and methods, as they are not always aware of the various Faculties guidelines. Consider incorporating this learning task into your course materials either through tutorials, the student's Study Desk, or by organising a Library information literacy class.

Assist students to develop their research and referencing skills

The Library can assist your students to develop their research and referencing skills by incorporating information literacy classes into your course work. Contact your Faculty Librarian for more information about how they can support you in the design and development of information literacy classes for your students.