Assignment Planning

Plagiarism and cheating can be a temptation for those students who are facing a deadline and haven't given themselves enough time to gather, read, think about or select source material. Completing an assignment, especially if it involves extensive reading or library research, is a complex process and will take time. You will need time to:

  • Learn how to locate resources in the Library; both print and online, by attending Library classes or by using online Library tools
  • Make careful choices of reading material and evaluate your sources
  • Allow enough time to conduct your Library research, remember there are many students who will be accessing the same resources, so it helps to learn how to locate a wider variety of sources
  • Plan and write the assignment
  • Learn how to use your lecturer's suggested referencing style. The Library publishes copies of the major referencing guides.

As you are preparing your assignment, you will locate and read a variety of information resources.To avoid plagiarism, remember to record the details of these sources as you read, take notes and write the assignment. The following resources are available online to assist you in this task: