Search help

I would like to search for a general study area rather than a specific program.  How can I search for this?

Type your keyword in the 'Program (degree) search' field located at the top of the USQ Handbook homepage. This will provide you with a list of all USQ programs which contain that particular term as a 'keyword'.

I am a current USQ student and cannot locate my program in the USQ Handbook. How do I do this?

Select from the below methods to search for your program:

  • type your program name or program code in the 'Program (degree) search' field at the top of the USQ Handbook homepage.
  • select the relevant study area from the 'Browse programs (degrees)' list on the USQ Handbook homepage.
  • if your program is no longer offered to commencing students, it will not appear in the browse list. To find your program, select 'All programs' under the 'Semester intake' field in the 'Refine your search' facility.

How do I search for a particular course (subject)?

Select 'Course synopses' from the left menu, then select the relevant letter corresponding with the first letter of the course code. (For example, click on 'C' if you are searching for CIS3009.) Select 'Previous years' if you are searching for a course which was offered in a previous year.

I need to search for USQ program information relating to a previous year. How do I do this?

Select 'USQ Handbook versions' from the left menu, then click on the relevant year to display the last version of USQ Handbook information taken from that year.

I don't get any results when I am searching. 

This may be due to spelling errors or your search may be too specific. We recommend entering general keywords relating to the area of study or program for which you are searching.

I would like to provide feedback on the USQ Handbook.

Select the 'Feedback' link which is located at the bottom of each page on the USQ Handbook.