Corporate Records provides a lead role in records and information management at USQ through the implementation, maintenance and support of a broad range of activities:

  • Compliance - manage the compliance regime as per the Public Records Act 2002 and relevant Information Standards, including audit and reporting processes.

  • Key systems - capture, maintenance, storage, retrieval and disposal of records such as:
  • TRIM e-DRMS - deploy and manage the system, including provision of staff training across the organisation.
  • USQ Policy Library - TRIM support and maintenance.
  • USQ Historical Archives - manage 7 x Collections.
  • Document Storage Warehouse - manage aged records, including disposal processes.
  • Policy and procedures – develop and review, as required.
  • Policy – provide specialist input to organisational policy development, various committees and forums.
  • Consultancy/Advisory Service - provide specialist advice to the USQ Community.

  • Right to Information (RTI) - manage the compliance regime as per the Right to Information Act 2009, including the following:
    • decision-making process for access requests; 
    • Administrative Access Scheme;
    • Publication Scheme;
    • Disclosure Log; and
    • Audit and reporting processes.

  • Legal Discovery - manage requests (third party)




Right to Information
Record keeping at USQ