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The USQ Historical Archives was established in 2007 to preserve the memory of the University of Southern Queensland and to ensure the University is able to build on its significant achievements.  The USQ Historical Archives consists of seven collections held in distinct locations across the Toowoomba Campus.

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USQ Historical Archives Primary Collection

Located in Corporate Records, 04 Block at USQ Toowoomba, the primary collection was established as part of the USQ2007 40th anniversary celebrations to preserve and maintain the University's history for access by the broader community. This collection includes publications, historical papers and memorabilia in various formats relating to development of the institution through its various phases as:

  •  the Queensland Institute of Technology (Darling Downs) (1967-1971);
  •  the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (1971-1989);
  •  the University College of Southern Queensland (1990-1991); and
  •  the University of Southern Queensland (1992-present). 

The University maintains this as a secure but publicly accessible collection and organises regular public displays of historical materials in the USQ Library.

USQ Historical Governance and Management Records Collection

Located in Corporate Records, 04 Block at  USQ Toowoomba, this collection contains the 'official records' of the University, including the minutes, agendas and associated papers for its various governance, management and advisory committees from their establishment.

USQ Historical Audio-visual and Photographic Collection

The Audio-visual and Photographic Collection is located in the USQ Media Services, Y Block, USQ Toowoomba. This collection contains oral histories, film and photographs which track developments from the founding of the Darling Downs University Establishment Association in 1960 to the present.  Archival film of many events, lectures and occasions held by the University since 1982, is preserved by USQ Media Services in video and digital format.

USQ Historical Music Collection

  • Peter Charles Rorke (OAM) Collection
  • Dame Nellie Melba D.B.E Collection
  • Bernie Snep Audio Collection
  • USQ Musical Score Collection (Working Library) 

All collections located in Corporate Records, O4 Block.

Professor Emeritus Ken Goodwin Collection

Located in Corporate Records, 04 Block at USQ Toowoomba campus, this extensive personal library was donated by Professor Ken Goodwin, a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor at USQ from 1992 to 1998. Professor Goodwin was also a researcher and accomplished author of many outstanding papers and definitive texts.

Library Rare Books Collection and USQ Theses Collection

Located in the University Library (R Block), USQ Toowoomba Campus.

Toowoomba Chronicle Archives Collection

Located on USQ Toowoomba Campus, the collection contains:

  • more than 1.5 million photographic negatives used for publication in the Toowoomba Chronicle from 1953 to early 2002
  • 37,000 editions of the Toowoomba Chronicle newspaper from 1861 to 2009 held on microfilm rolls
  • Toowoomba Chronicle scrapbooks collection of 91 volumes containing published photographs from 1979 to 2001; and Down Stars scrapbooks collection of 12 volumes from 1955 to 1969
  • a comprehensive Card Referencing System for identification of negatives.

For access to the Chronicle Archive Collection please contact:

Photographic negatives (reproduction)
Bev Lacey, Toowoomba Chronicle
Telephone: +61 7 4690 9272

Newspaper articles and editions (copies)
Jayne Fitzpatrick, Toowoomba Local history Library
Telephone: +61 7 4638 7766

USQ2007 40th Anniversary Celebrations

The USQ2007 40th Anniversary website has been preserved in its original format as a significant historical artifact.

A useful reference source for the history of USQ and its predecessor organisations is the history book USQ: The First 40 Years authored by John Clarke and Alison McDonald. Copies of the booklet USQ:The First 40 Years are available free of charge.  Please e-mail your name and postal details, with the number of booklets required, to: John Clarke 


Donations (PDF 69.7KB) to the USQ Historical Archives Collection of memorabilia associated with the early development days of the university are welcome.  Please contact the Manager, Corporate Records, Derek Turner, to discuss your donation.  




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