Manage your grant

Chief Investigator responsibilities

A chief investigator (or principal investigator) is responsible for the intellectual, administrative and ethical components of a research project from when an application begins until completion.

Successful grants

Funding bodies use various means to notify the University of the status of a grant application. Many funding bodies will forward a formal letter and funding agreement directly to the Office of Research, however in some instances the letter may be sent to you. If you receive formal advice from the funding body please forward the documentation to

If you receive notification by telephone or email that your application has been successful, please inform the funding body that the Office of Research at USQ will be the administrative contact for the project and that all documentation should be sent to them.

Research contracts and funding agreements

All research contracts and funding agreements need to go through Office of Research for submission to the Legal Office. Please submit USQ research agreement template (DOC 80 KB) to Jill Albion. Please also provide an Annexure outlining the scope of anticipated work.

It is the responsibility of the Office of Research to negotiate acceptance of the grant and the signing of the funding contract/funding agreement on USQ’s behalf. These tasks will be completed in consultation with you where appropriate. Under no circumstances should you negotiate terms or sign a funding contract. Adherence to this process will ensure that USQ staff and students undertaking research are covered by USQ’s insurance policies (professional indemnity, public liability, workers compensation).  The Office of Research will provide you with a copy of any funding contract/agreement or conditions of award that applies to the grant once all relevant signatures have been obtained.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the conditions of the research grant which has been awarded to USQ. Research Grants staff will provide you with a copy of any funding contract/agreement or conditions of award that applies to your grant upon relevant signatures and approvals have been obtained. You must retain and read the funding contract/agreement and particularly make note of the following:

  • milestones and timeframes in which they need to be completed
  • milestone report (progress and final)
  • budget and expenditure guidelines
  • intellectual property agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • student participation

The contract management flowchart details the contracts process. For further enquiries regarding this process, please email

Ethics and biosafety

If the research you wish to undertake involves humans or animal subjects or has biosafety implications than you must obtain approval from the relevant ethics or biosafety committee. The project cannot commence without first obtaining ethics and/or biosafety clearance.

Transferring grants

Please contact

 if you are a new staff member to USQ and are transferring grants into USQ from another institution. They will assist you in the process of transferring the grants.

Making variations to a grant

All requests to a change of circumstances which affect your conditions of award must be made through the Office of Research. Please contact