Research supervision

USQ research supervisors are renowned and active within their fields of expertise, and are dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for research students.

Research Supervisors Community of Practice

Research Supervisors Community of Practice is an informal opportunity for research supervisors to share experiences and acquire knowledge and resources to develop their supervision capability and enhance the learning journey of post-graduate research students.

For supervisor accreditation USQ reqiuires all supervisors to complete the above workshops. Registration for these workshops can be made on the Professional Development Online Registration System. You will need your UConnect username and password. 

fIRST - for Improving Research Supervision and Training

fIRST offers online education and training for graduate research supervisors. There are online activities, materials for face-to-face staff development workshops, and tools, case studies and links to other relevant websites.

To access fIRST, contact your Faculty Research Administrator for your username and password. Please keep your username and password confidential.

The online toolkit

The online toolkit is a web site offering resources to supervisors by providing ideas for dealing with common issues that arise and a forum to discuss thoughts and experiences.  

Editing research dissertations

IPEd's Australian standards for editing practice sets out the core standards that professional editors should meet.

Guidelines for editing research theses outlines the extent and nature of editorial services that professional editors can provide when editing research students’ theses 

Supervisor accreditation

Statistical Consulting for Research

Statistical consulting for research is now being offered at USQ to provide assistance to research activity from the experimental design stage through to data collection, analysis and interpretation. The service is aimed primarily at research higher degree students and their supervisors and early career researchers. Limited support will be available to other researchers.