Progress reports

Bi-annual progress reports are a compulsory requirement of research higher degree enrolment. They are an important record of the progress made by you each semester and may be referred to later in your candidature, particularly in the event you request a variation to your candidature.

When do I complete a progress report

You are required to complete compulsory progress reports for each semester 1 and semester 2 during your candidature. The Office of Research Graduate Studies will notify you by email (to your UMail account) when a progress report is available for you to download from the forms section on the research website. Instructions and time lines to complete and return the report will be listed in the email notification. 

It is important that you carefully read the instructions for completing the report to ensure you understand the implications of the information you do/do not include in the report.

Who completes a progress report

Candidates who are currently enrolled in the dissertation (research) component of one of the following programs should submit a progress report.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (Research) (DBAR)
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DPSY) 
  • Doctor of Education (DEDU)
  • Doctor of Professional Studies (Research) (DPRS)
  • Engineering Doctorate (ENGD)
  • Master of Business Research (MBSR)
  • Master of Engineering Research (MENR)
  • Master of Laws (LLMR)
  • Master of Science Research (MSCR)
  • Master of Spatial Science Research (MSSR)

If you are on approved leave of absence for the whole of the current semester you are not required to submit a progress report. If you are on approved leave of absence for part of the current semester, you are required to submit a report.

Completing the progress report

You and your supervisors are strongly encouraged to meet to discuss programs and complete the progress report.

If you and your supervisor are unable to meet, you should complete the relevant sections within the progress report and forward to your principal supervisor.

It is important to document any circumstances and/or events which may impact on your ability to complete your studies either within your scholarship tenure, or before your expected submission date.

When your supervisor completes their ratings and comments, you are entitled to review and comment on them. Therefore your supervisor will return the form to you to lodge with the Faculty by the due date.

Confidential reports

If you wish to make a second “confidential” report (i.e. do not wish to refer some or all of your comments to your supervisor) you should contact the relevant Associate Dean (Research) to do so.

Failure to submit a progress report

Failure to submit a progress report by the due date will result in a Fail Did Not Participate (FNP) grade being registered for that semester.


The Director, Research Training & Development is responsible for awarding final grades for research courses each semester.

Grade release

Grades are released to you via UConnect after 4.00pm on the official University grade release date.

Note: If you have a debt to USQ, you will not have your final grade in any course officially communicated to you nor shall you be permitted to graduate.

Appeal of graded result

You may appeal against the award of the final grade in a course and should consult the Policy and Procedures Library. Appeals for research owned courses (i.e. courses badged RES****) should be forwarded to the Student Manager, Office of Research Graduate Studies by email in the first instance.

Further information

For further information or assistance in completing progress reports please email