Statistical consulting for research

The Office of Research Graduate Studies, in conjunction with the staff from the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences, is now offering the support of a Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) to provide assistance to research activity from the experimental design stage through to data collection, analysis and interpretation.

The support is aimed primarily at research higher degree students and their supervisors and early career researchers. Limited support will be available to other researchers. Access to the SCU is available online

Statistics is a fundamental part of quantitative research and is often the component that students find the most daunting. There are many different types of statistical methods available. Consultation with a statistician can help you decide which method is the most appropriate for your research questions and associated dataset.

Statistical Consulting Unit

The Statistical Consulting Unit can offer:

  • advice on an appropriate experimental or survey design to answer your research questions
  • assistance with understanding the statistical jargon used in your specific context 
  • advice regarding appropriate data collection and entry methods
  • advice and assistance using statistical analysis software such as SPSS 
  • advice regarding data screening, including data cleaning and summarising prior to analysis 
  • advice regarding the most appropriate methods of analysis
  • advice regarding interpretation of the output from the analysis.

The Statistical Consulting Unit is here to help you make the best choices for the statistical component of your research.  


Please be assured that your research and associated data will be handled securely and confidentially.