Nadine Story

 Nadine Story
Nadine Story
Bachelor of Engineering

Toowooomba Regional Council Scholarship

Why did you apply for this scholarship?

The scholarship provided not only funds towards tuition fees, but also included paid work experience with the Toowoomba Regional Council. This scholarship is fantastic as it provides with valuable work experience, substantial financial help and a foot into the door of the engineering industry.

How has this scholarship helped you?

I received the scholarship at the perfect time, when I had to consider postponing my studies due to financial hardship. It was great to be able to fully concentrate on my studies rather than worrying about how to pay the next semester. The work experience meant that I had a job waiting for me every holidays or when it suited my timetable, as well as valuable experience in the engineering field even before my graduation - helping me get a fantastic graduate job. All the reduced pressure also allowed me to take over active roles in the university engineering clubs.

Scholarships are so much more than just financial help. They also provide you with more time to study, self-confidence and self-believe, sometimes work experience, an excellent entry in your resume and great motivation to continue your studies at a very high standard.

Any advice?

Even if you think you can never receive a particular scholarship, always give it a go! You can also choose to take on an active role in a club or do community work. These things are often just as important as your grades to win a scholarship.