Social Justice at USQ

The Office of Social Justice is responsible for ensuring that any programs and practices the University engages in are consistent with the enlightened principles of equity, social justice and inclusiveness. The Office is also committed to providing accessible and equitable educational pathways, supportive learning environments for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and an inclusive and fair work environment for staff.

Social Justice is at the centre USQ's culture and history. A number of factors have contributed to this including the University's regional location and its recruitment of students from rural and remote areas; its catchment areas in parts of the State that traditionally have a low participation in higher education and contain large sectors of the population that are from low socio-economic status (SES) backgrounds; its origins in the 'college' sector of higher education; and its early embrace of distance education, which tends, for different reasons, to enrol students from non-traditional backgrounds.

Social Justice, including the matters of equity, access and social inclusion, also remain at the core of USQ's brand, mission and strategic planning with the following goal, highlighted in the University's Strategy:

To broaden equitable participation by students and staff and to encourage the development of a University culture that values diversity, multiculturalism and social inclusiveness. 

Social Justice at USQ is supported by the Staff Equity and Diversity Office and the Student Equity Office, Student Services.