Social Justice Scholarships and Awards

The Office of Social Justice funds a number of scholarships which provide financial support to undergraduate and postgraduate student equity groups.

SWEE (Status of Women in Employment & Education Committee) Scholarships

Initiated by the Status of Women in Employment and Education (SWEE) Committee, these scholarships aim to assist specific under-represented groups of women staff and postgraduate students to enhance their career potential by completing higher degrees. The scholarships, managed by the Office of Research and Higher Degrees, are divided into two areas:

  1. Staff PhD/Professional Doctorates Completion Scholarships (three scholarships up to a maximum of $4,000 each). 
  2. Staff Postgraduate Completion Scholarships (two scholarships for women from low socio-economic status, rural and remote areas, women with disabilities, and/or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women up to a maximum of $1,500).

Bursaries for Young Women in Engineering & Surveying

A generous amount of funding was awarded to conduct an engineering and science summer school at the Toowoomba campus for young secondary school aged females from disadvantaged backgrounds with an aptitude for engineering.  A number of bursaries were also awarded. For further information contact Dr Ruth Mossad, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering & Surveying.

Equity & Social Justice Scholarships for Go WEST (Women in Engineering, Science & Technology)

The Office funds a scholarship program for female part-time off-campus students experiencing financial hardship and enrolled in any degree program majoring in the areas of Engineering (including Surveying), Science (excluding Nursing and Psychology), Mathematics or Technology. Scholarships are extended annually upon achievement of a grade point average (GPA) of 4.5 or higher from the previous year's courses. Information on eligibility, conditions and the application process are available from the Go WEST team.

Go West Award - Access and Equity

The Best of the WEST awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of outstanding women and girls in regional and rural Queensland who work or study in the fields of Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics and Technology, where females are traditionally under-represented. More details on the award are available from Go WEST.

The Best of the West Award - Access and Equity for 2011 was awarded to Sara Foster enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering (Environment). This award recognises Sarah’s outstanding academic achievement, strong leadership and community involvement in various activities whilst balancing study and a family.


Go WEST Access and Equity Award Presentation 2011

Go WEST Access & Equity Award recipient, Sara Foster