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Selenops australiensis

Fact Box
Selenops australiensis (RM)
Body length:
female: 9 mm
male: 7 mm
Normally found under loose bark, especially on eucalypt trees; this spider's flattened body and ability to move rapidly sideways means it can hide in very small crevices; its colour scheme also blends well with that of the tree trunk on which it is resting
Unknown but its fangs are very small and the spider is expremely timid so it is unlikely to cause serious illness in humans
Selenops australiensis
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Front view
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Preserved female

This species looks somewhat like a huntsman spider except that it only has 6 eyes (all huntsman species have 8 eyes) and it lacks a scopula on the end of each leg.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many smaller or immature huntsman species.

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