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Beregama aurea

Fact Box
Beregama aurea
(identified by David Hirst,
South Aust. Museum)
formerly Heteropodidae
Body length:
female: about 40 mm
male: about 37 mm
On or under leaves and loose bark in eucalypt forests
Little is known of the toxicity of this spider so it should be handled with caution though it probably is not very aggressive towards humans
Beregama aurea
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Another female
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Underneath female
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The male

This spider has a similar appearance to a number of Australian huntsman species, especially Neosparassus species, but there is no black patch on the underside of the abdomen as seen on members of the genus Neosparassus. Beregama is also much larger than most Neosparassus species.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other yellow-brown sparassids, most of which probably will be Neosparassus species.

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